'Swimfan' Star Jesse Bradford To Appear In 'Eulogy,' 'Heights'

When not doing movies, actor plays the character Ryan Pierce on NBC's 'The West Wing.'

HOLLYWOOD — The success of "Swimfan" has kept star Jesse Bradford busy, but not bigheaded.

In both his upcoming movies and in his new role on the "The West Wing," Bradford plays supporting characters.

The first of the films, "Eulogy," due in the spring, features an ensemble cast including Hank Azaria, Ray Romano, Debra Winger and Zooey Deschanel ("Almost Famous").

"It's a dark comedy about a family that has to come together when the patriarch of the family dies," Bradford said at last week's "School of Rock" premiere. "I play Zooey's boyfriend and it's sort of told through her perspective. I'm her on-again, off-again boyfriend who's always around when she needs him."

Later this fall, Bradford will travel to New York for his next film, "Heights," a drama from the Merchant Ivory production team behind such artsy fair as "Le Divorce" and "Howards End." Glenn Close, James Marsden ("X2") and Elizabeth Banks ("Spider-Man") will co-star.

Bradford refused to reveal much about the plot, but said, "The movie's about how all these people's lives come together in New York in a strange and unpredictable way."

Currently, though, the "Clockstoppers" star is busy with "The West Wing," which just won the Emmy for Best Drama for the fourth time.

"My character's name is Ryan Pierce," Bradford said. "He's a 10th-generation political blueblood badass. He's recently graduated from Harvard. The Pierce family in the world of the West Wing is kind of like the Kennedys — a badass political family — so his dad's making him get this intern job at the West Wing where he'll hopefully build a little character, rather than just coast along on the privilege he's had all his life."

"The West Wing" premiered last week and airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.