Judge Says Mystikal Free To Talk About Sucking Crawfish Heads Again

Rapper was accused of lifting phrases from Winn's keychain/toy Cajun in Your Pocket.

It's not against the law to say "We gon' pass a good time, yeah, cher," or "You gotta suck da head on dem der crawfish," the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals determined last week.

And no one more than Louisiana rapper Mystikal is breathing a sigh of relief.

Last year, New Orleans entrepreneur Steve Winn sued Mystikal for copyright infringement, claiming that the rapper used the exact phrases from Winn's keychain/toy Cajun in Your Pocket on the 2000 hit "Shake Ya Ass" (see "Mystikal Sued For Advocating The Sucking Of Crawfish Heads").

Even though Winn's company, Emanation, Inc., had the sayings from Cajun in Your Pocket copyrighted in December of 2000, the court ruled that they could not be protected under U.S. copyright laws.

"We felt from the beginning [Mystikal] would be vindicated and he was," Mystikal's lawyer, Roy Maughan, Jr. said. "The experts in the origins of Cajun colloquialisms retained on the case determined that the phrases were not original to Emanation and could be traced to long before the copyright. The phrases were not created by Steve Winn and he therefore could not enforce the copyright against Mystikal."