3LW Celebrate Bling Bling And A New Beginning On Next LP

Phoenix Rising, first album with Jessica Benson, due at end of year.

HOLLYWOOD — After a near breakup and a lineup change, 3LW are so confident about their resilience that they've named their new album after a symbol of immortality.

The trio's first release with new member Jessica Benson, due at the end of the year, will be called Phoenix Rising.

"A phoenix rises out of the ashes after it burns itself," Kiely Williams explained at last week's BET Awards (see "BET Awards Night Belongs To 50 Cent, B2K, Jacko And ... Alien Ant Farm?"). "And after all the controversy we've been through, we've sort of burned ourselves, but now we're rising out of the ashes, and like a new phoenix arises, a new 3LW has arisen. And we're back and we're bling blingin'."

The "blingin' " reference is to Phoenix Rising's first single, which will share the name of B.G.'s classic. The song will hit radio in late summer.

"We're so excited because we've actually been writing a lot of the material ourselves," Williams said. "And it's just cool for the three of us to be able to just sit down and vibe. It's just a new beginning for us and that's why we named the title of the album Phoenix Rising."

After having worked with Babyface in the spring on a soundtrack song (see "Babyface Oversees 3LW's First Track With New Member"), 3LW are hoping he'll produce material for their album. "We're also hoping to work with Timbaland, Rockwilder," Adrienne Bailon added. "It's gonna be big."

In the meantime, Williams and Bailon will appear in the Whitney Houston-produced movie "Cheetah Girls," airing August 15 on the Disney Channel (see "3LW Holiday Album Due; Members Land Film Roles").

3LW, who added Benson in February (see "3LW Become A Trio Again ... Finally"), have also signed on to be the official spokesmodels for a new clothing line called Southpole Juniors.

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