'Knock Knock,' Who's There? Monica And Missy Elliott, BringingThe Heat

'Knock Knock' said to be literal, thematic follow-up to singer's first single, 'So Gone.'

HOLLYWOOD — Monica will follow up her "So Gone" single not with a bang, but a knock. Actually, two of them.

" 'Knock Knock' is ... like a follow-up to 'So Gone,' just saying that, 'All right, we went through all that stuff, now it's time for you to get lost,' " the singer said at Tuesday's BET Awards (see "BET Awards Night Belongs To 50 Cent, B2K, Jacko And ... Alien Ant Farm?"). " 'This is the end of the road for you.' So, it's kind of like a 'get back' record."

Like After the Storm's first single, "Knock Knock" was produced by Missy Elliott (see "Monica Revises Leaked LP With Help From Missy Elliott ").

"She doesn't have any fear," Monica said of the producer. "When she goes in the studio, her goal is to be creative and to give something new and she could care less what else is current. And she creates new trends by doing that."

Elliott's help on After the Storm, which was originally set for release last fall with a different title and without the help of the "Work It" star, helped the singer score a #1 debut on this week's albums chart (see "All Eyez On Monica As She Nabs Top Chart Slot ").

"It's a blessing," Monica said. "To just be at home, doing your work and trying to give all that you got, you never know what the outcome will be. But they always say you give what you want back. And I just wanted people's love and for them to be receptive to my music now, and I'm thankful."