Musiq Hoping To Join Forces With Prince For Juslisen Follow-Up

Singer will next be seen on Santana's upcoming single, 'Nothing at All.'

Grammar purists beware.

Musiq, whose credits include Aijuswanaseing and Juslisen, is planning a collaboration with Prince, who once used a symbol for his name and has basically created his own number-inspired alphabet.

The two soul singers, who performed live together at a Prince show last year, will likely join forces for Musiq's third album.

"I think it's important to collaborate with other people, just to bring together two worlds and see what comes out of it," Musiq said recently. "It's all about inspiring people and keeping the ball rolling. What one does now contributes to the future. If you're not putting nothing out there that's substantial, there won't be a future in music."

Musiq's not sure who else he will record with for the follow-up to Juslisen, but the singer will next be seen teaming with Carlos Santana on "Nothing at All," his contribution to the guitarist's Shaman and the album's next single.

"He was going to put someone else on the song, but I was suggested by his friend's son and he liked what he heard," Musiq said. "It meant a lot to me to be able to work with Carlos. It was a very peaceful experience."

Musiq loved the opportunity to salute a legend so much, he signed on for two upcoming tribute albums, for Stevie Wonder and Jimi Hendrix.

For the former project, Musiq recorded "Visions." "It's the most beautiful song I've heard in my entire life," he said. "I translated it into a way that I would do it."

Conception: An Interpretation of Stevie Wonder's Songs, which also features Mary J. Blige, Brian McKnight, Joe, Glenn Lewis, Eric Clapton, Angie Stone, India.Arie and others, is due Tuesday.

MCA Records is releasing the Hendrix tribute, which will include tracks from Seal, Santana, Prince, Bootsy Collins, Vernon Reid, and Earth, Wind & Fire. Musiq recorded "Are You Experienced?" for the album, which does not yet have a release date.

"Everyone knows I love Stevie, but I'm very influenced and inspired by all people who are passionate about their music, and Jimi was definitely that," Musiq said.

Hendrix's half-sister Janie, who is organizing the album, suggested the song. "I did it and I loved it," Musiq said. "I didn't want to do it exactly like it, but I wanted to contribute to the space he was in as much as I could. I'm playing bass with my band. We cut it straight in one take."

With both tribute tracks in the can, Musiq is now focusing on his own album, which he plans to finish by June and release in September. The singer, who recently signed on for Coca-Cola and Levi's ad campaigns, said to expect a new and improved Musiq.

"I don't like doing the same thing," he said. "Just in my approach, I try to introduce alternative ways of listening to music. It's all in the name of soul, but just being more innovative with it."