Mystikal Rape Case To Be Settled Soon, Lawyer Predicts

Rapper allegedly videotaped forced sex with hairstylist, two other men.

Mystikal is close to settling with the hairstylist who accused him of raping her in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in July.

The rapper's lawyer, J. David Bourland, would not go into detail on Thursday (January 23), but he said the matter is being resolved in a way that satisfies both parties.

"We're not making any admission of guilt," Bourland said. "Sometimes you just have to swallow a bitter pill in order to move on with your life and your career."

MTV News was unable to reach lawyers for the 40-year-old woman, whose name was not released.

Mystikal, whose real name is Michael Tyler, was arrested on July 18 after his hairstylist told police he had forced her to have sex with him, allegedly threatening to turn her in for cashing unauthorized checks from his bank account if she refused (see "Mystikal Charged With Rape, Extortion").

During a search of the rapper's home, authorities confiscated a video of the alleged sexual assaults, which also involved two other men, Leland Ellis and Vercy Carter (see "Mystikal Videotaped Alleged Rape, Police Say"). According to the arrest warrant, the tape shows all three men having sex with the woman.

Detectives were originally presented an affidavit signed by the victim stating that the intercourse was consensual, though the woman later said she was tricked into signing it and still wished to pursue the case.

Mystikal was also arrested for extortion, though he has not yet been indicted on either charge.

Bourland said the court has delayed formally pressing charges in order to give the two parties time to settle the issue, which he said would happen in "the very near future."

Mystikal was released on $250,000 bond and was later granted permission to leave the court's jurisdiction to record his next album. If convicted on the rape charge, he would face a mandatory life sentence. Extortion carries a prison term of one to 15 years.

Tarantula, the rapper's 2001 album, is nominated for the Best Rap Album Grammy, while the single "Bouncin' Back (Bumpin' Me Against the Wall)" will compete for Best Male Rap Solo Performance (see "Eminem, Avril Lavigne, Nelly, Norah Jones Nab Most Grammy Noms").