Of Five Suge Knight Associates Arrested, None Charged

Three men arrested on November 14 for conspiracy to commit murder still considered suspects.

Of the five Suge Knight associates arrested in the massive raid of Tha Row headquarters and several other locations three weeks ago, none have been charged, officials said Thursday.

The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department seized so much evidence in the raids it is taking several weeks to put together a case, according to Deputy Darren Harris. "There are literally thousands of files on the computers and we are going through every one of them," he said.

Although deputies were not able to hold any of the men for more than 48 hours, the three arrested for conspiracy to commit murder are still considered suspects, and homicide investigators are continuing to work on the case.

In Wednesday's Los Angeles Times, Knight suggested that charges may never be filed. "All this, for what?" he told the newspaper. "The taxpayers are the ones that should be outraged here."

In the raids, which began at 5 a.m. on November 14, more than 100 deputies searched offices and residences in seven California cities, along with a former home of Knight's in Las Vegas (see "Deputies Raid Tha Row's Offices, Suge Knight's Homes").

Twenty-five-year-old Michael Leroy Payne, 37-year-old Kordell Dupree Knox (a former sheriff's deputy) and 29-year-old Theodore Peter Kelly were arrested for conspiracy to commit murder, while 32-year-old Daryl Small was charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession and 35-year-old Deshone Lacey was charged with cultivation of marijuana.

The Sheriff's Department served only three of eight arrest warrants during the raids and Harris said Thursday the other five men, whose names have not been released, are still wanted (see "In Wake Of Tha Row Raid, Five Suspects Still At Large").