Will Adam Sandler's Poopsicle Rank With Rudolph's Nose?

Comedian hopes 'Eight Crazy Nights' will become new holiday classic.

Rudolph's red nose, Frosty's snowy dancing, Charlie Brown's dependable pals — and Adam Sandler's "poopsicle"? Well, if the "Mr. Deeds" star gets his wish, his upcoming gross-out cartoon flick "Eight Crazy Nights" could join the hallowed ranks of regular holiday programming.

"I always loved when 'Rudolph' would come on," Sandler said, smiling with his by now familiar boyish charm. "I loved when 'Frosty' would come on [and] 'A Christmas Story.' Movies like that made me happy as a kid and make me happy as an adult ... uh, if I am an adult." (Click for photos from "Eight Crazy Nights.")

"The intention was to write a funny movie and hope that maybe every year you get to see it somewhere," he went on. "I mean, we did curse a little bit in it, so I don't think we can see it on network TV every year, unless they beep it a lot. But, uh, [you'll be able to see it] somewhere hopefully."

In "8 Crazy Nights" Sandler brings a couple of characters from his comedy routines to the screen for a romp involving a small-town kiddie basketball team. If the movie finds a place in the holiday lexicon, it wouldn't be Sandler's first contribution. After all, Sandler is the man who gave the world "The Chanukah Song."

The year-end radio staple's origins were simple enough, he explained. "I just thought it would be funny. I was walking to 'Saturday Night Live' and I said, 'Maybe I should write a Hanukkah song ... [and it] would be funny to list a bunch of people that are Jewish.' ... And then I went to work and I told a few guys and they all thought it was funny, so we wrote that song up."

"Eight Crazy Nights" introduces an updated version of the tune, with "some new Jewish people we threw in there," Sandler promised, including his buddy Rob Schneider.

Through his Happy Madison company, Sandler served as a producer on Schneider's upcoming "The Hot Chick" as well as on fellow "SNL" veteran David Spade's "Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star." Sandler worked on "Eight Crazy Nights" while producing those pictures, making somewhat of a dramatic turn in "Punch Drunk Love" and filming "Anger Management" opposite Jack Nicholson.

"It [was] quite a long process. ... This movie, we have been on it for three years. So it takes a lot of focus and concentration, which I don't have too much of. But I stay strong and I am psyched that we did it. And I would like to do something else in the animation world."

Despite the critical acclaim Sandler has collected for "Punch Drunk Love" ("I got to play this guy that any actor would be excited to play and it was a blast," he said), he's not aiming for the art-house crowd with his next inked picture.

"We always talk about doing a talking goat movie," he revealed. "Which would be fun. And [the goat] would curse a lot and do whatever we wanted it to do."

"Eight Crazy Nights" opens November 27.

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— Ryan J. Downey, with additional reporting by Nick Zano