Diamond Princess Trina Recruits Tweet For 'No Panties' Single

Raunchy rapper working with people she wants to work with this time around.

"I'm so happy, I'll just start looking real goofy, that's how happy I am," a

euphoric Trina gushed recently about her upcoming LP, Diamond

Princess. "I'm ready to rock and roll right now."

Trina has a first single called "No Panties" on deck that features Tweet

singing the hook: "No panties coming off/ My love is gonna cost/ Ain't no

way you're gonna get up in this for free."

"Tweet is a doll," she said. "I've known her for a while. I met her through

Missy [Elliott] even before she came out, even before she went into the

studio. We hung out, we had a lot of fun together. I just gave her insights

about the business as far as being an artist, things to expect and not to

expect. We had a girl-to-girl talk. I love her, and we're really good


And just as a warning to you fellas, as the song forecasts, if you step to

the rhyme mami from Miami, you'd better have your game tight and be ready to


"It's saying, it's the new millennium, the ladies are doing their own thing,

making their own money, so there's nothing you can do for me that I can't do

for myself," she explained of the track. "If you step in, you gotta up the

pot. It's just about how I'm laced already, I need you to come clean and do

whatever. Either that or get out of my face. It's real fun."

Trina said it's always fun and games with her good friend and the song's

producer, Elliott — that is, until it's time to work.

"Missy is incredible," she said of her homegirl, who also raps on Diamond

Princess' "Rewind It Back." "Inside the studio and outside the studio

she's like two different people. She jokes all day. When it comes down to

the studio and getting down to the booth and doing your thing, she's all

business. The fun, witty person goes into the professional,

business-mode-type thing. She's so dope in the studio, we got the record

done in like two hours. She's one of the people I look up to. She's got her

head on straight."

Last week at the BET Awards, Trina disclosed that the video for the single

will be shot in Los Angeles with director Dave Meyers.

"It's kind of going to be like a shopping spree," she said. "A real

glamorous thing about me and Tweet getting real glammed up. Diamonds! A lot

of diamonds, a lot of fancy things, a lot of hot guys — so we're really

excited about it."

The rest of Diamond Princess features a few of Trina's amigos from

Jagged Edge, Fabolous, Bathgate, Ludacris, Eve ("Me and Eve are like

biological sisters," she said) and of course Trick Daddy.

"Hopefully me and Trick may do an album together," said Trina, who is also

going to launch a clothing line called Diamond Princess. "That can be hot.

That's probably the next thing for me and him. I'm just working, getting it

while I can. We working on that — that's in the talking right now. I

got respect for him, he's got respect for me."

Trick and the rest of the guys at Slip-N-Slide Records had so much respect

for Trina's decision making that they fell back and let her spearhead her

new project.

"This album is not like the first album," she insisted. "[The Baddest

B***h] was kind of done for me like, 'Yo, we want you to do this, we

want you to do that. Sound like this. Here's a beat — write some

lyrics.' This album here, I had mostly all the creative control, so the

people I worked with on this album, it's because I wanted to work with


"I want people to see another side of me besides [just] 'OK, everything is

explicit lyrics and she's raw and uncut,' " she added. "That's just the

street, that's just me, but there's a bigger picture than that. ... From the

delivery to the lyrics, from the whole progression of me being an artist,

it's a whole different level than before. I want people to be surprised and

shocked. That's the biggest thing for me."