Fred Durst Taking Guitar Matters Into His Own Hands?

Limp Bizkit still without Wes Borland replacement as singer notes he's been playing guitar a lot lately.

Limp Bizkit jammed with four finalists after their much-publicized guitarist

audition tour, but now it looks like Fred Durst might be taking a cue from

his Puddle of Mudd pal Wes Scantlin and handling both vocal and guitar

duties himself.

"I've been doing a lot of writing lately, all kinds of styles," he posted on

the band's Web site. "I'm playing guitar, too, [and] I have a couple PRS

custom guitars being made for me."

Durst added that Limp Bizkit have rented a "cheesy '70s house in the flats"

that they've soundproofed so they don't bother the neighbors.

"It's pink and out of control," he raved. "We call it the Pink Palace. Each

room has a little studio set up in it. The master bedroom is a studio too,

and I'm sleeping in the closet, literally."

The house seems to be conducive to the band's style of chaotic, colorful

songwriting, and it's got plenty of distractions as well. Durst's sleeping

hole is equipped with a TV, PlayStation 2, computer and cable modem.

"Out back we built a tiki hut by the pool for ill pool parties," Durst

wrote, adding that fans can see the lunacy for themselves on the band's

soon-to-be revamped Web site, which will feature video of the group's next

album being created.

Durst capped off his message by extending an olive branch of sorts to Wes

Borland, who left Limp Bizkit last year (see "Limp Bizkit And Wes Borland Part Ways"), spurring the

band's cross-country search for a new guitarist (see "Wanted: Ill Guitar Player; Must Know Limp Bizkit


"We are hoping Wes will come back and surprise us one day soon," Durst

wrote. "We really miss him. But he's doing his thing and he's supposedly

really happy."

As heartfelt as the message may have been, listing Borland's e-mail address

and encouraging fans to send messages urging him to "come back to his

family" probably didn't improve the singer's relationship with his former


For more on the Wes Borland/Limp Bizkit split, check out "Fred & Wes: He Said/He Said."