New Green Day, Eve 6, Mystikal On 'New Guy' Soundtrack

Album also features fresh songs from Juvenile, OPM, Rehab, SR-71, Vertical Horizon, others.

New material from Mystikal, Juvenile, Green Day, Eve 6 and others will surface next month on the soundtrack to the comedy "The New Guy."

Mystikal wrote the title song for the movie, which stars DJ Qualls ("Road Trip") and Eddie Griffin ("Double Take") and features cameos from several artists, including Tommy Lee, Jermaine Dupri, Henry Rollins and Kool Moe Dee (see "Jermaine Dupri, Henry Rollins, Kool Moe Dee Uphold The Law In 'New Guy'").

OPM and Rehab also wrote songs especially for "The New Guy," according to an Epic Records spokesperson. Other artists who lent previously unreleased songs to soundtrack are Nine Days, Vertical Horizon, SR-71 and Wheatus. A new remix of Outkast's hit single "So Fresh, So Clean" is also included.

Eve 6, whose "Here's to the Night" gave their second album, Horrorscope, a late push, covered the Kinks' "You Really Got Me" for the album.

"I'm Just a Kid," by Canadian punk rockers Simple Plan, will be the soundtrack's first single.

In the film, Qualls plays a nerd who gets expelled and ends up in prison, where his cellmate helps him change his image. He returns to a different school and becomes the coolest kid in his class.

"The New Guy" opens February 22. The soundtrack will hit stores February 19.

"The New Guy" soundtrack track list, according to Epic:

  • Mystikal - "The New Guy"

  • Simple Plan - "I'm Just a Kid"

  • Eve 6 - "You Really Got Me"

  • Juvenile - "Keep the Party Goin'"

  • Outkast - "So Fresh, So Clean"

  • Green Day - "Outsider"

  • B2K - "Uh Huh"

  • Rehab - "So Dizzy"

  • OPM - "Break Out"

  • Wheatus - "Dark Side"

  • Nine Days - "I Love You"

  • Vertical Horizon - "Heart in Hand"

  • JT Money - "Hi Lo"

  • SR-71 - "Let It Whip"