Ex-Bizkit Borland Digs In With His New Band, Eat The Day

Since leaving Limp Bizkit, Wes Borland is taking the Latin phrase "carpe diem" to the next level. Not content to simply "seize the day," the guitarist is wholly devouring it with his new band.

Eat the Day — Borland, his brother Scott on guitars and vocals, Greg Isabella on drums and Kyle Weeks on electronics — are working on preliminary tracks for their debut album in Borland's Los Angeles home studio, according to a group spokesperson. The Borlands will alternate handling bass duties.

"If you like what I did in Limp Bizkit and saw where I wanted to go with it, you will love this new band," Borland said in a statement.

Borland aficionados may be experiencing déjà vu, as Eat the Day's lineup is identical to that of his side project Big Dumb Face, who released their debut album in March (see "Limp Bizkit's Borland Gets Dumb With Side Project"). However, fans who might have been put off by BDF's heavy-handed, tongue-in-cheek approach and the ridiculous songs on their Duke Lion Fights the Terror!! will be pleased to know that Borland's spokesperson described Eat the Day as a much more serious endeavor.

After assembling a stockpile of songs, the group will narrow the selections down for the LP, which will be produced by Ross Robinson (Slipknot, Korn) in January. The album is expected to surface toward the middle of next year. Tracks that don't make the cut are likely to turn up on the Big Dumb Face Web site (www.bigdumbface.com), the spokesperson said.

Eat the Day are also expected to tour next year in support of the as-yet-untitled album, then begin work on another Big Dumb Face project. Goatslayer, another side project Borland has been a part of for the past 10 years, will also work on new material next year.

Wes Borland left Limp Bizkit in October (see "Limp Bizkit And Wes Borland Part Ways").