Mariah 'Feeling Better' After Release From Clinic

Carey recovering from 'emotional and physical breakdown.'

Mariah Carey checked herself out Tuesday from the Connecticut clinic where she had been recovering from "an emotional and physical breakdown," according to her spokesperson.

Carey representative Cindi Berger said Wednesday (August 8) that Carey is "feeling better."

"She's under a doctor's care at an undisclosed location with her mother," Berger said. Carey entered Silver Hill — a Connecticut hospital specializing in treatment of mental illness and addiction — after being admitted to a hospital emergency room on July 25 (see "Mariah Carey Had 'Breakdown,' Her Publicist Says").

Carey canceled all public appearances, and on Monday 20th Century Fox moved the premiere of Carey's upcoming movie, "Glitter," from August 31 to September 21. No reason was given for the delay (see "Mariah Carey's Movie Put On Hold As Singer Remains Hospitalized").

Berger wouldn't say whether or not Carey would be available to promote the movie or its soundtrack album, which will be her first release for Virgin Records. As of Wednesday afternoon, that album is still due August 21, according to a Virgin spokesperson.

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(This story was updated at 3:50 P.M. ET on Wednesday, August 8, 2001.)