Wings Retrospective To Cover The Hits And The History

Wingspan, due May 8, will be accompanied by television documentary of same name.

The track listing for Wingspan, a two-disc retrospective of Paul McCartney's other band, has been firmed up, as has an air date — May 11 — for an accompanying television documentary.

Wingspan, due May 8, does indeed cover the width and breadth of the band's run, spread across two discs, "Hits" and "History." The former features such million-sellers as "Live and Let Die" and "Silly Love Songs," while the latter includes album tracks like "Let Me Roll It" and "Junk."

Almost half of the 40 tracks included on Wingspan are actually McCartney solo tunes: "No More Lonely Nights" is a single from the soundtrack to the 1984 flop "Give My Regards to Broad Street," which McCartney wrote and starred in; "Pipes of Peace" was the title track to his 1983 album; and "Take It Away" was the second single from his 1982 solo disc Tug of War.

In a press release, McCartney mused, "I thought I should choose an album that I like. Just like Wings itself, this album doesn't stick to any particular rules, but in my mind it's the best of that period."

The "Wingspan" documentary, like November's "The Beatles Revolution," will air on ABC. The show will detail McCartney's family life with his late wife, Linda, his immediate post-Beatles career, the formation of Wings, their rise from humble little band to stadium act, McCartney's harrowing 1980 detainment in a Japanese jail for marijuana possession, and the singer/bassist's post-Wings era.

The track listing for Wingspan:

Disc 1

  • "Listen to What the Man Said"

  • "Band On the Run" (RealAudio excerpt)

  • "Another Day"

  • "Live and Let Die"

  • "Jet" (RealAudio excerpt)

  • "My Love"

  • "Silly Love Songs"

  • "Pipes of Peace"

  • "C Moon"

  • "Hi Hi Hi"

  • "Let 'Em In"

  • "Goodnight Tonight"

  • "Junior's Farm"

  • "Mull of Kintyre"

  • "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey"

  • "With a Little Luck"

  • "Coming Up"

  • "No More Lonely Nights"

Disc 2

  • "Let Me Roll It"

  • "The Lovely Linda"

  • "Daytime Nightime Suffering"

  • "Maybe I'm Amazed"

  • "Helen Wheels"

  • "Bluebird"

  • "Heart of the Country"

  • "Every Night"

  • "Take It Away"

  • "Junk"

  • "Man We Was Lonely"

  • "Venus and Mars/Rockshow"

  • "Back Seat of My Car"

  • "Rockestra Theme"

  • "Girlfriend"

  • "Waterfalls"

  • "Tomorrow"

  • "Too Many People"

  • "Call Me Back Again"

  • "Tug of War"

  • "Bip Bop/Hey Diddle"

  • "No More Lonely Nights (2nd version)"