Run-DMC Hooks Up With Sugar Ray

Sugar Ray joined Run-DMC at Hit Factory studios in New York City earlier this week to record a song that may appear on the upcoming DMC album, "Crown Royal."

The track, "Here We Go Again," heavily samples from Run-DMC's 1985 song, "Here We Go," and came about as the direct result of a chance meeting between the two groups at a concert they were both performing at last week in Boston.

In an interview with the MTV Radio Network, Rev Run says the idea to team-up with Sugar Ray had been kicking around for a while and that he's pleased with the session's results, even though he knows it might catch some fans off-guard.

"I wouldn't have asked [Sugar Ray] to be on my record if I didn't know who they were and what they were about," Run said, "but as far as this thing goes, I think that this is a good collaboration.

I think it'll be

cool, that people might be skeptical about it, thinking, 'Sugar Ray and Run-DMC?' But when they hear what we did, they'll know why."

"[The song] is not like the like [Sugar Ray's] pop record they have out now," he added, "because I know their roots with Supercat and some of the other things and the real rhymier stuff they've done, so I know what they're about. So, it's gonna be a shock to some people what we did with Sugar Ray." [RealAudio]

Neither group is a stranger to such cross-genre collaborations, as Run-DMC hooked up with Aerosmith back in 1986 for the seminal rock-rap version of "Walk This Way," and Sugar Ray has previously recorded material with KRS-One and reggae rapper Supercat.

Run-DMC has already completed tracks with Fat Joe ("I Poppi"), Nas ("Queens Day"), Method Man ("The

Beginning") and Cam'ron

("Awe") for "Crown Royal," which is tentatively set for release in August or September.