Quiet Riot, Sir Mix-A-Lot Team Up For Seattle Supersonics

In one from the "huh" file, the original members of Quiet Riot joined Sir Mix-A-Lot in a Seattle studio to cut new rock and rap versions of "Cum On Feel The Noize."

The song [950k Quicktime], originally by British 70s glam rock band Slade, was a huge hit for Quiet Riot in 1983.

The man who forged this unlikely union is Sam Perkins, a player with the NBA's Seattle Supersonics, who noticed that Sonics fans would pound the floorboards of Seattle's Key Arena so hard, that players could literally "feel the noise." Perkins, who runs a local production company, set out to make the song the Sonics' 1998 playoff battle cry.

"We're looking forward to it," Quiet Riot frontman Kevin DuBrow said as the band met up with the rapper in the studio. "We've never worked with anybody that's involved with rap music, and Sir Mix-A-Lot obviously has been very successful in that genre, so we're going to find out

what that's going to turn out like. We're pretty much stuck on the way that we've been playing it for many years, and it should be interesting to have somebody come in and see what kind of new twist they can put on it... We're pretty malleable. I think that we're talented enough to go in many different directions, but at the same time it'll be interesting to see what kind of new blood can be added to the tune." [540k Quicktime]

Explaining his involvement in the project, Sir Mix-A-Lot said he was drawn in by his allegiance to the Sonics, saying, "I'm a fan. I've been a fan since Spencer Haywood, I mean that's how long I've been a fan. I've always followed the game hardcore."

He added that he was looking forward to the project for more musical reasons too. "It's gonna be interesting," the rapper said. "We're just getting started, so it'll be wild, like clash of the titans over here. I like it

though. Music has no color, so let's handle it." The new "Cum On Feel The Noize" single is out on Seattle's Will Records label, with some proceeds going to a local pediatric AIDS charity.

As we went to press Thursday night, the Sonics were down two games to one to the Minnesota Timberwolves, and were facing possible elimination by Minnesota.

By the way, Quiet Riot frontman Kevin DuBrow told MTV News that the original Quiet Riot line-up got back together thanks to Marilyn Manson, who hired the band to play after a show on his last tour. Quiet Riot is now playing some west coast dates.