Oasis Walks Off Stage Again

December 8 [7:55 EDT] -- Fans accepted it when singer Liam Gallagher pulled out of Oasis' December 4 and 5 shows in Dublin, Ireland last week pleading a sore throat, but when the whole group walked off the stage in the middle of a performance in Glasgow, Scotland on Sunday, December 7, it did not fly with fans.

According to the P.A. News and other reports, the boys were in a snit after a plastic bottle was thrown from the crowd hitting guitarist Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs.

Arthurs complained to Gallagher, who told the audience the band wouldn't stand for such behavior, said goodnight, and left the stage with the other members close behind. The concert was a little more than halfway through the 110-minute set; the band had just finished their hit song "Wonderwall."

Few people realized the show was over at first, but ten minutes later an announcement was made saying that the band had left the building and that the crowd should do the same. The confusion turned

to anger. Fans booed and jeered as they made their way to the exits, and almost one third of the house refused to leave. A large group staged a noisy protest.

Oasis is scheduled to perform again tonight at that same venue.

This isn't anything new for the band, or Canadian fans. Oasis walked out of a show in Vancouver, Canada on a previous tour when a fan threw a shoe at the stage.