Sinead O'Connor Nixes Concert Appearance In IRA Stronghold

Sinead O'Connor has pulled out of the annual Feile an Phobail music festival in Belfast, Northern Ireland, claiming that she had been asked not to address the violence being perpetrated by the IRA after the signing of the recent "Good Friday" peace accords.

O'Connor, who was recently ordained by an offshoot denomination of the Catholic Church (see "Sinead O'Connor Ordained As Roman Catholic Priest..."), was scheduled to play at Feile an Phobail -- which is Gaelic for "The Festival of People" -- on August 6.

But now the Associated Press reports that O'Connor, who hasn't released a studio LP in five years, won't play at the concert, which is being held in the western part of Belfast, an area known to be a stronghold for the IRA.

O'Connor's most recent release was the 1997 EP, "Gospel Oak," which is currently out of print. The singer-turned-priestess did, however, collaborate with Ashtar Command to record a song entitled "Summer's

End" for last year's soundtrack to "The Avengers."

Organizers for this year's Feile an Phobail say that they are hoping to persuade O'Connor to come back on board for the concert.