Mark Morrison Jumps Bail, Partner Bails Out

Mark Morrison is facing yet another arrest warrant in England, and it appears even his partner is giving up on the singer.

Clive Black, the co-owner of Morrison's Mack Life label the pair established last year, has pulled out of the deal according to the British industry publication, Dot Music. The future of the label, which falls under the WEA umbrella, is up in the air. Black has also ripped up his management contract that he's had with Morrison according to the report.

Morrison is thought to have skipped the country for warmer pastures, namely the Caribbean island of Barbados, where his uncle has a home. The latest warrant comes after his failure to appear on charges stemming from a street altercation outside a nightclub.

Earlier warrants were issued when the "Return of the Mack" singer missed sentencing for traffic violations and for failing to appear on a weapons charge. He's also awaiting sentencing after been convicted of hiring someone to perform the

community service duties handed down by the courts for his part in a knife brawl, which caused the death of a student.