Lit Joins Pamela Anderson Lee For "V.I.P."

Pamela Anderson Lee and her "V.I.P." posse will risk their lives protecting rock act Lit in an upcoming episode of the syndicated TV series.

According to one of the show's writers, that protection won't work out too well, however. The show will find fans pawing at Lit until one makes off with frontman A. Jay Popoff's prized belt buckle. Pamela's character then helps Popoff replace it with one formerly owned by Elvis Presley. As luck and plot twists have it, a missing cryptographic key used to decipher computer transactions has been hidden inside the obnoxious accessory, and one of the band members gets kidnapped by villains in pursuit of the key.

The band will shoot its part in mid-December, and performance footage from the band's stint on the recent Campus Invasion tour may also be incorporated into the show. On Campus Invasion, the band shot performance footage for its next video, "Miserable," as well.

If available, Tommy Lee may also appear as a homeless

man who gets tapped to fill in for the missing bandmember as the group still has to make it to their concert on time.

Lit's stint on "V.I.P." is slated to air during February sweeps.