Lit, Slipknot, Others May Tribute Twisted Sister

Lit, Slipknot, Sevendust, and Kittie are among the early names being kicked around for an upcoming tribute album saluting glam-gone-awry rockers Twisted Sister.

According to Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French, Type O Negative, Anthrax, and Mötorhead are also among those who have expressed interest in revisiting the band's catalog for an album that should see the light of day in late fall or early winter on Koch Records.

"We're like Cher and cockroaches... we never go away," French told MTV News of the project. French said that Lit has expressed interest in "I Wanna Rock" and Sevendust would like to tackle "SMF," but adds that the album's lineup and details regarding it have yet to be hammered out. He did note that Motörhead has already recorded Twisted Sister's "Shoot 'Em Down" for the album.

French also said that Twisted Sister itself will be contributing a track as well, though he noted that it will be the only band to not kick in a TS song for the

album. He told MTV News that the band rehearsed together over the weekend and will likely cover AC/DC's "Sin City" for the project. "We used to do that one back in our club days," the guitarist explained.

While Twisted Sister recorded a "reunion" track for the soundtrack to frontman Dee Snider's film "Strangeland" in 1998, French noted that the band members recorded their parts during different sessions and never actually shared a studio. As a result, last weekend's rehearsal marked the first time that the band had played together in 14 years.