Lilith Fair Inspires All-Male Frasier Fair

Feeling left out of the all-female Lilith Fair phenomenon, singer/songwriter Steve Poltz has initiated what he calls the Frasier Fair tour.

The outing takes its name from the TV character Frasier, whose ex-wife is named Lilith (the Sarah McLachlan tour actually takes its name from a Biblical character). Poltz is perhaps best known as Jewel's co-writer, ex-boyfriend, and the mysterious man in her "You Were Meant For Me" video.

Pete Droge, Glen Philips of the now-defunct Toad The Wet Sprocket, and X's John Doe have been recruited for the first leg of Frasier Fair. A second tour with a different line-up begins on December 12 in San Diego.

Poltz told MTV News that the tour is meant as an homage to Lilith Fair and he would love to advertise the tour with a "banner of Kelsey Grammer with wings coming out of his head." However, he admits that no one from NBC, the network that lords over the "Frasier" manor, has returned his calls.

Frasier Fair plays Minneapolis on Friday

and Milwaukee on Sunday.