Republica Salutes Gary Numan And L7 With Help From Prodigy

May 20 [10:00 EST] -- When the Prodigy's "Fat of the Land" album hits stores later this year, fans may notice a familiar voice helping out on an equally familiar tune.

"I've just done some backing vocals on the new Prodigy album, on a track with Keith (Flint)," Republica singer Saffron told the MTV Radio Network recently. "They're very good friends, and I'm very honored that they asked me to do that."

So what track brought the two British chart titans together?

"We did a cover version of L7's 'Fuel My Fire,'" [215k Audio File] Saffron told MTV.

The voice behind the songs "Ready To Go" and "Drop Dead Gorgeous" has also been busy with the rest of Republica reworking a vintage Gary Numan nugget for an upcoming tribute album to the synth pioneer.

"We got do 'Are Friends

Electric?' with him, so that's a great honor to be asked to do that," [149k Audio File] Saffron told MTV.

The Republica track will appear with contributions from Bis, Magnetic Fields, The Orb, Pop Will Eat Itself, St. Etienne, and Jesus Jones on the collection, due this month.