Q-Tip Plays The Name Game For Korn Collaboration

What's in a name? A choice collaboration, apparently, if you're rapper Q-Tip and Korn's Jonathan Davis.

The former A Tribe Called Quest MC released his solo debut album, "Amplified," last Tuesday, and it features production by The Ummah (Q-Tip and Jay Dee) and DJ Scratch as well as guest appearances by Busta Rhymes and, of all folks, Korn.

The hard and heavy group hooked up with Q-Tip on a track called "End Of Times," and the rapper recently told MTV News how it all came together.

"I called up [Korn frontman] Jonathan Davis," Q-Tip said, "and we both had the same name. That was my name too: Jonathan Davis. So he was like, 'Yo, dude, your name's Jonathan Davis? My name's Jonathan Davis too.' And I'm like, 'My name's changed. It's not Jonathan Davis anymore.... So, you want to do this record?'"

"[Davis said,] 'Yeah,' and that's kind of like it,"
the rapper explained. "It doesn't change who [Korn is], and it doesn't change who I am. Nobody made any compromise to who they are. But it was a great mesh." [RealVideo]

You can hear the results for yourself on "Amplified," which is in stores now.

Q-Tip also recently finished production on the film "Prison Song," which he co-wrote with director Darnell Martin. Due out by summer 2000, the movie features the rapper in his first starring role (see "Q-Tip Plans 'Amplified' Ascension, Wraps Film Project").

-- Elon Johnson