Ice-T Goes Unrecognized Despite "Players"

Ice-T's weekly cops and robbers show "Players" has been pulled off the NBC schedule with no return date in site, and no wonder. Not even the real cops are watching.

AP reports that two police officers failed to recognize the rapper-turned-actor when they pulled him over in Industry, California last Thursday. He was apparently stopped because he was playing loud music and his Mercedes Benz had tinted windows.

The news service says that Ice-T was cooperative, but he was quite miffed especially because the deputies didn't recognize him. Ice-T told AP through his manager that he hadn't done anything wrong and that the police had unsuccessfully looked for violations as an excuse to give him a ticket or put him in jail. The days of Ice-T's controversial 1991 track "Cop Killer" would seem to be long gone, and his notoriety with it.