Spike Jonze Shoots Ice Cube For "Intimate" Mini-Documentary

You can get a director to act, but only after you peel his fingers from the camera.

Spike Jonze is perhaps best known as one of the most creative video directors around, as well as the man who gave birth to the Torrance Community Dance Group featured in Fatboy Slim's "Praise You" [RealVideo] video. He landed his first major film role in "Three Kings," and although he was working on that film strictly as an actor, it seems that Jonze was either unable or unwilling to leave his own camera at home.

In between filming his own scenes, Jonze followed one of his co-stars around the set in an attempt to get to the core of Ice Cube, the actor. The results are in Jonze's mini-documentary "An Intimate Look Inside The Acting Process With Ice Cube." [RealVideo]

Jonze's next feature film effort, "Being John Malkovich," will see him taking his position behind the camera. That film features

co-stars John Cusack, Cameron Diaz, Charlie Sheen, and (naturally) John Malkovich.

Not that Jonze is giving up on pseudo-documentaries; his next effort in that vein will be a documentary of the Torrance Community Dance Group's trip to the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards (see "Spike Jonze, Roman Coppola Filming Documentary On 'Praise You' Dance Group").

Jonze and fellow director Roman Coppola filmed over 30 hours of footage of the dancers rehearsing for the VMA's, hanging out at their New York City hotel, and even visiting the Carnegie Deli, not to mention the VMA acceptance speeches given by leader Richard Koufay, a.k.a. Jonze himself.

Meanwhile, Ice Cube has a busy upcoming schedule: his next film, "Next Friday," will be in theaters on December 25 and his next album, "War & Peace Volume 2: The Peace Disc," is due in stores on January 25. Cube is also eyeing a reunion with his former rap crew, N.W.A. (see "Ice Cube Talks 'Next Friday'" and "Ice Cube Prepares New Album, Talks N.W.A. Reunion".