DJ Shadow Discusses Scoring Documentary

DJ Shadow was one of the many musicians who traveled to the Sundance film festival in Park City, Utah, over the last week, and the acclaimed turntablist was drumming up support for "Dark Days," a documentary for which he provided the score.

Directed by newcomer Marc Singer, "Dark Days" follows a homeless community in New York City as they flee the shelter system in favor of life underground in an unused train tunnel.

Singer spent five years working on the film and eventually approached DJ Shadow about possibly providing some music for "Dark Days." After viewing the film at a private screening, Shadow agreed to lend his talents to the project and contributed six previously released tracks as well as two new ones: "Dark Days Theme" and "War Is Hell."

While at Sundance, MTV spoke with DJ Shadow, who talked about how he was drawn into working on "Dark Days."

"He was really persistent in getting a hold of my erstwhile record label in

America," Shadow said of working with Singer. "When we planned the screening in San Francisco, I went to it thinking I was going to turn it down, but I felt obligated to at least see it, because they had gone through a lot of trouble."

"They flew out to show me the film," he continued. "They didn't want to just send the film. Marc wanted to come and be there when I saw it [in order to] explain it."

"I just felt it was an important work," Shadow said, "and it was something I was looking [to do]. I don't know. When I try and do a lot of film work, it usually always ends up being... not really right for me. But this is something that I felt that I could throw all my weight behind with pride, because it's a good film." [RealVideo]

"Dark Days"

is one of 17 films vying for this year's Sundance Award in the Documentary Competition. Prizes for the Documentary Grand Prize, Documentary Directing, and the Documentary Audience Award will be announced on January 30, the final day of the Sundance Film Festival.