Happy Ending For Cinderella Bassist

It's a real Cinderella story. Metal veterans Cinderella came very close to losing bassist Eric Brittingham earlier this month after an auto accident. Brittingham lost control of his Durango, and the truck sheered off two telephone poles and rolled numerous times. Brittingham was in a coma for eight hours, and according to his official webpage he had even been given last rights in the Toledo, Ohio hospital.

But once all the tests were completed and the player regained consciousness, it was determined his injuries were limited to a cracked rib, broken jaw, broken nose, facial lacerations and a "billion" bruises.

Brittingham has now been released from the hospital and is recovering at an undisclosed location.

Brittingham had been taking a few days off from touring with the band at the time of his mishap. Cinderella will continue to tour with a replacement until he's able to return.