Oleander Taps Bloodhound Gang's Pop For Video

The Sacramento-based band Oleander has just completed a video for its cover of The Cure's seminal alternative hit "Boys Don't Cry," and the clip stars none other than Bloodhound Gang leader Jimmy Pop.

In the video, which was directed by Cousin Mike, Pop plays a nerdy guy in an apartment who is surrounded by members of Oleander performing the song loud enough to make him cry.

In a recent interview with Oleander, frontman Thomas Flowers said that it was both his love for The Cure, as well as his own punk rock ethic, that made him try and convince the rest of Oleander to record the track.

"[We did it] 'cause it's punk rock," Flowers said. "Absolutely punk rock. Not only to put it on your first album, but [to put it out] at all. When other bands are putting out very good covers

of very cool bands,

we wanted to make our statement, too.

"And for me, ['Boys Don't Cry'] really typifies and exemplifies everything that I'm already trying to say on the album. I had forgotten how much I loved The Cure in the '80s, when I was growing up. So I came to the band and I said, 'Listen, we gotta do this, with your blessing.' We gave it a go, and we rocked it." [RealAudio]

In related news, The Bloodhound Gang has filmed a video of its own for its new single, "Mope," the follow-up to "The Bad Touch," the first single off the band's platinum-selling "Hooray For Boobies" LP.

Oleander is currently on a brief sabbatical from the road, while The Bloodhound Gang plans to spend much of the summer touring Europe. The group is also slated to play a concert in Moscow on June 13.