Richard Ashcroft Burns Fame, Fortune For Rainy New Video

Ev-Verve frontman Richard Ashcroft continues to dominate college radio with his first solo album, "Alone With Everybody," fueled by the record's second single and video, "Money To Burn."

Ashcroft plans take to the road in Europe and Japan in September and October to support the new album, and while he has yet to announce any planned U.S. tour dates, Ashcroft had shot the "Money To Burn" video during a visit to New York City earlier this year.

According to Ashcroft, who filmed the clip during a rainy morning on Wall Street, the song is about trying to maintain a carefree attitude toward worldly fame and riches, even as others glorify in selling out and cashing in.

"'Money To Burn' is [about] the point where you're either being treated so much like a rock star that you're going to act like one," Ashcroft said, "or you're going

to be

as dumb as any rock star. Or it's about coming home with $15 in your pocket, and you're going to go blow it, like you're coming home after winning the lottery.

"It's about the point when life or love is so good, it's beyond winning," he continued, "these moments in life when money isn't the issue. Y'know, like I've got money to burn, and I'm feeling so good, I just want to burn this sh**.

"And 'money to burn' is also an old English phrase. It might [have the same meaning] over here, saying, 'Oh, who does he think he is? He thinks he's got money to burn, this bloke.' So, there's bit of a twist on it there, but it's really a celebration of life, a celebration of love, mixed in with a big two fingers to all the people who think money is the answer to all our problems." [RealVideo]

Ashcroft has already completed a video for "C'mon People (We're Making It Now)," the next single from "Alone With Everybody," which is

set for release in the U.K. on September 11.