Tatyana Ali Steps Out Of Will Smith's TV Shadow For Debut Album

While Tatyana Ali has scored a Top 20 single with "Daydreamin'," the first single from her debut album, "Kiss The Sky," many fans might not realize that her breakthrough came on TV almost 10 years ago.

Before she was a singer, Ali played the role of Ashley Banks on the comedy series "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," and her relationship with star Will Smith helped her land a deal with his production company. But when it came time to record her debut, Ali says Smith gave a hands-off approach to the record.

"[Will] never told me he was doing this," Ali said in an interview with the MTV Radio Network, "but I think he kept his distance to let me explore and go through this whole experience alone, and really feel like it was mine -- and not like someone was holding my hand." [28.8 RealAudio]

Now that Ali has proven herself with "Daydreamin'," Smith has re-entered the fold for a remix

of her second single, "Boy You Knock Me Out." Tatyana has also recently completed a role in the upcoming film "Jawbreakers," which also stars "Jackie Brown's" Pam Grier and "Scream's" Rose McGowan.