Durst Dishes Alleged Britney Nookie On Howard Stern Show

Limp Bizkit singer swears he's telling truth about their relationship.

The he-said/she-said between Britney Spears and Fred Durst went into overdrive Thursday morning when the Limp Bizkit frontman offered intimate details about his professional and personal relationship with the singer on Howard Stern's syndicated radio show.

"I swear on my son Dallas' baby blue eyes I was telling the truth [about our relationship]," said a groggy Durst, who admitted to being out late the night before. Stern and his crew egged him on for salacious details for about a half an hour.

"This [relationship] went on for a little while, that's what's pretty unbelievable about this crap she's saying," Durst said of Spears' recent statements that she barely knows the Limp Bizkit singer.

"It wouldn't have been kiss and tell if I hadn't been responding to my fans," Durst said, discussing posts (now removed) on his band's Web site in which he appeared to be reveling in a blossoming relationship with Spears (see [article id="1459522"]"Durst Furthers Britney-Romance Rumors With Online Post"[/article]).

After pressure from Stern, Durst claimed that after several nights of working together on tracks for Britney's new album, the singer invited him back to her Los Angeles home along with a group of her family and friends.

When asked if the invitation led to a one-night fling, Durst responded, "That would be uncool for me to answer," though he did say that "what I say in my music is very real" and then quoted the lyrics of a new, unnamed Limp Bizkit song: "Ain't it funny, scared to admit it/ Very first night made the Limp dog hit it."

Durst told Stern the only reason he even acknowledged the relationship was because paparazzi pictures of the two began popping up in tabloids, stirring up Limp Bizkit fans in the chat rooms on the band's site. "Kids start seeing these pictures and asking, 'What's going on?' I had to defend myself to my fans. ... It blew up really big. I started to get upset."

Stern also played part of "Just Drop Dead," a new Limp Bizkit song Durst posted on the band's Web site. The singer said the song isn't specifically about Spears, but that his experience with her helped inspire the track (see [article id="1470022"]"New Limp Bizkit Song Disses Durst's Fizzled Flame"[/article]).

Though he seemed unwilling to discuss the more personal details of his alleged liaison with Spears, Durst was eventually prodded into offering purported intimate details about Spears' body and their private activities.

"It's sad that he's decided to make up stories, and the situation feels very junior high school," a spokesperson for Spears said.

Durst spared no detail in discussing his professional relationship with Spears, saying that he wrote three songs for her, which he recorded as demos using his voice. "Her management called, and I thought, 'She's pretty hot. I've always had this thing for her. We'll see what happens.' I wrote these songs ... [and] I said, 'Just sing what I sing and I'll mute my voice.' "

Durst said the pair spent two or three days in a studio working on the songs, which he described as trip-hop tracks reminiscent of Portishead and the Sneaker Pimps. "I'm very diverse. I write in a lot of different styles. It was very dark ... too mature for her."

Durst said he told Spears' label he was not going to let her use the songs after Spears began denying their personal relationship in the press. The Spears spokesperson said no final track selection has been made yet for the album, but that it does not appear that the Durst tracks will be included. "She's still recording the bulk of it," the spokesperson said.

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