Damien Rice Returns To Break Your Heart On 'I Don't Want To Change You'

The Irish singer stays exactly the same in this gut-wrenching new video.

Damien Rice was put on this earth solely to break our hearts, and after eight years without his gut-wrenching songwriting, he has finally returned. Just in time for the lonely, nostalgia-inducing months of winter that will undoubtedly have you feeling things again, Rice has announced his first new album since 2006.

Out on November 10, My Favourite Faded Fantasy was produced by Rick Rubin, and based on the release of today's video for "I Don't Want To Change You," it will evoke the same kind of unstoppable sadness that his last two albums contained.

For those who are unfamiliar, the Irish singer's solo debut O snagged international attention back in 2002, and the follow-up, 9, in 2006 was received with similar enthusiasm. Practically the whole world used "The Blower's Daughter" or "Cannonball" to recover from whatever sadness they were facing at the time, and his new water-soaked video will help a whole new generation cope.

Shot in Iceland and directed by the enigmatic duo Arni & Kinski, Damien stands at the end of a dock, attempting to accept the finality of someone else's decision. As the lyrics detail his struggle to let go of love, the visuals mimic his battle by rewinding and replaying his plunges into the water. There's no better imagery to simulate how hard it is to disengage from a failing relationship than jumping in and out of an idyllic, isolated lake in Iceland.

Watch below for yourself, but prepare to tear up over the course of the song.

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