Rocking Lady Gaga Choreography In The Background Of A News Report Landed This Kid A Career Change

Can't wait to see if Gaga weighs in on his modeling campaign too.

Remember two months ago when this happened?

15 year-old Brendan Jordan went full diva on a television newscast and subsequently hit the Internet with so much fierce that his excellence could no longer be contained—and the momentum just keeps building.

Lady Gaga herself was one of the first to praise his fierceness.

Then Gaga and Jordan followed that up with this adorable exchange on Twitter:

And now, the teen viral star has found a whole new claim to fame as a bonafide model for American Apparel.

American Apparel


The ad highlights his background and favorite American Apparel items:

"Brendan is from Las Vegas, Nevada. He’s half Peruvan (his dad was born and raised in Peru) and he learned Spanish from his extended family that helped care for him. He enjoys taking photos, shopping and collecting Disney memorabilia. In the future Brendan hopes to have his own TV show and design a clothing line. His biggest inspirations are his great grandmother Lucy and Lady Gaga. we were inspired by Brendan after seeing his fearless act of spontaneity and applaud his efforts with the LGBTQ community. His favorite styles of ours include the Clear PVC Circle Skirt and anything high-waisted."

Being fearless enough to let your true self shine sure pays off in the end. We can't wait to see what else Brendan does! He's also already begun advocating for causes like anti-bullying—using all that fierceness for good.