Miley Cyrus And Emily Osment Brought The Best Of Both Worlds To Their 'Hannah Montana' Reunion

The pair came together during Cyrus's Instagram talk show

Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment played best friends on Hannah Montana. Now, they're spending time in the real world and reflecting on their time as part of the massively popular show's cast.

On the latest episode of Cyrus's Instagram Live talk show Bright Minded: Live with Miley, the pair took the opportunity to reconnect as part of what the singer called "the reunion of the decade." Osment portrayed Hannah's closest friend (and the one who knew about her secret life) Lilly Truscott.

Cyrus introduced Osment as her "badass best friend" and the pair proceeded to totally roast their old outfits and photos they had of themselves from their time on the classic Disney Channel series. On their first shared press day, Cyrus noted that all of her teeth fell out around a month ahead of their photo shoot, so Miley had to wear false teeth.

Osment also made note of some of the girls' interesting fashion choices, as Hannah was "trying to make tutus and peplums happen."

"I was wearing a lot of vests, I remember," Osment shared. "There were a lot of vests,” she joked, saying she was actually "rocking" the look.

"That was kinda our life for eight years," Cyrus reflected on their many photo shoots together. "Every day being longer than anyone else’s." The pair shared some laughs about their time on the show, but Miley took things down a more serious route for a moment to talk up Osment's proclivity to help out animals.

"It’s a really great time for those in situations that are able to provide. It’s a good time to adopt or foster — but it’s really important to talk about financial responsibility and the strain a pet can cause on a family during this financially challenging time," Miley explained. "The best way to draw attention to man’s best friend is to bring in the best friend duo that always encouraged people to do what’s best and do what’s right."

Seeing this pair together once more was likely one of the pushes many needed to start looking in the right direction among the chaos that's going on these days. Miley's show will continue Monday through Friday with a series of other special guests, and we can't wait to see who she brings on next.