The 10 Greatest 'Supernatural' Shirtless Moments, Ranked By Awesome

Happy 10 years, "SPN" fam!

Ten years ago this very day -- September 13, 2005 -- the world first met Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki), Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles), a car named Baby, and a family history so complicated it makes "Game of Thrones" look like "The Waltons." But throughout all of the turmoil that Sam, Dean, Castiel (Misha Collins), Crowley (Mark Sheppard), and the rest of the gang have been through over the past decade (which includes at least three apocalypses) of "Supernatural," one fact has remained: that everything becomes A-OK once a Winchester brother removes his shirt. (Which is a sadly rare occasion, but hey. It works.)

So to celebrate the big 10th anniversary of our beloved "SPN," here are the ten best shirtless moments in the show's history, ranked by -- well, our personal feelings on the matter:

Dean Is A Massive Tease

shirtless dean

What does one do as soon as they return from Hell? Check out their stunning torso in the mirror to make sure everything's in place, of course! We could have used more abs, but this was still a great moment from a great season premiere.

Castiel Does Laundry


Castiel normally doesn't find a whole lot of reasons to take off his trench coat -- but when he became human back in season nine, duty called at the laundromat. Nice work, pal. This wasn't quite as overtly sexy as some of the later entries on this list, but it's a rare moment of shirtless triumph for Cas, so we'll keep it.

Sam Goes To The Doctor


What's up, Sam's ridiculously chiseled back?

Sam Gets A Moment Of Peace


Sorry you had to die so soon after this, Madison. At least you got to, like, see it before you died?

Dean Takes An Angsty Shower


We didn't get the full look at the torso promised in the ads for "Meta Fiction," but we can't exactly complain about Dean's angsty AF shower.

Sam Gets Forlorn


Why the long face, to match the long torso?

Sam Gets OUT Of The Shower


Bless you, "SPN," for exposing us to Sam's pecs as far back as "Hell House." We never got the pec-flinch on "Gilmore Girls."

Dean Gives Us A Rare Peek


Dean doesn't show us the goods as much as Sam does -- which is why, when he does, it's all the more special. Thank you, "Black," for giving us a peek at the ladies' man in action.

Sam And Ruby Get It On


... Is it weird ranking Sam getting it on with his IRL wife so highly? Eh, let's try not to think about it. Cause this was easily the hottest sex scene in the show's history.

Sam Works It Out


Is there anything more glorious than watching Sam Winchester's trapezius muscles, flexing and bulging and... whatever else it is that muscles do... during exercise? We can't think of anything, so this one goes straight to the top.

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