PartyNextDoor Actually Wrote Rihanna And Drake’s ‘Work’ As A Breakup Song

Couldn’t you tell?

Rihanna and Drake’s “Work” is one of the biggest hits of 2016 — a catchy, fun collab made for dancing and having fun.

Or is it?

That wasn’t the intention, at least, of PartyNextDoor, who wrote the track.

“I tried this year to make the party songs. It wasn’t in me,” Party told Rolling Stone. “People think [‘Work’ is] a party song. It’s a breakup song. It’s blues. I went from braggadocios to blues.”

The song’s success — it hit No. 1 on Billboard in multiple countries, and spent nine consecutive weeks atop the Hot 100 in the U.S. — should have helped wipe away some of those blues, right? Not so.

“It doesn’t make me happy,” he added. “I’m looking for joy. It’s a moment for Rihanna and Drake. I want to invest time in creating moments for myself.”

He’s created those moments with PartyNextDoor 3, his new album, which dropped on Friday. He still calls it “blues” and thinks “it may push away the pretty people.”

Just listen for yourself below.

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