This Woman Gave Her Husband An Ultimatum -- Via A NSFW 'Tattoo'

On this week’s ‘How Far is Tattoo Far?’, Jessica and Danny 'both' aired their beefs through some raunchy ink

A woman gave her husband an ultimatum on this week’s How Far is Tattoo Far?: Pay more attention to me instead of your car, or hit the road.

“[Daniel] spends way too much time working on his car,” said Jessica, adding that her better (?) half is “completely obsessed.” “That time should be spent with me and our two beautiful children. He needs to choose me or the car.”

Meanwhile, Daniel had his own beef with wifey.

“When me and Jessica first hooked up, things got a little wild in the bedroom,” he told hosts Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Nico Tortorella. “I want to do it again.”

So what kind of ink did the two choose for each other? The first reveal belonged to Daniel, whose tattoo featured an image of him naked having, um, relations with an automobile.

“Well, I feel like you want to f*ck your car,” Jessica reasoned. “[But] I want you to rev my engine like you do that car.”

Daniel’s reaction: “I promise I’ll try harder.”

Next up was Jess, whose tattoo featured a buxom cat surrounded by the words, “Give me that p*ssy” -- inspired by Jess’ long-gone wilder days in the bedroom and how she used to channel her “little sex kitten slave.” Said Daniel: “I was hoping you would bring the cat back.”

So what did she think of the giant tattoo with its explicit, NSFW message?

“I love it!” she exclaimed, meowing with pleasure and then crawling across the floor in feline fashion.

But what did you think of the couple’s tattoos? Would you want to go through life with the words “give me that p*ssy” on your torso, or would you be filing for divorce? Tell us how you roll, then catch another How Far is Tattoo Far? on Thursday at 9/8c.

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