'Amazing Spider-Man' Viral Heads To Peter Parker's High School

"The Amazing Spider-Man" viral campaign continues to heat up, and this time it's up to us to find the Lizard.

This latest part of the viral campaingn takes fans to Peter Parker's Midtown Science High School. The folks over at SuperHeroHype get all the credit for following this one to its finish, which suggests an event will be happening across the country this Friday.

Folks who submitted photos of Spider-Man to received special posters that sent them to the new website Jerera's Boxing Gym. It is mentioned on that site that the wrestling team is funded by Parker's high school, which brings us to the latest stop in our journey.

The Midtown High School website has several new images, including a great one of Flash Thompson (Chris Zylka). Fans then can enter the password protected student login page with the already decoded username and password "PPARKER" and "DEEPFOCUS."

From there, Parker's class schedule is revealed. While we are intrigued that he's a member of the Chess Club and is taking AP Biology and Applied Chemistry, it's more interesting to note that he was an internship at Oscorp Industries and has been missing a lot of class recently.

"Parker is being written up for his habitual tarniness," the incident report reads. "This is his fourth violation in less than three weeks. When asked why he was late for Biology class, Parker recounted a supposed bullying episode in which dozens of students participated implicitly. Although Parker was not willing to name the ringleader of said incident, the attending counselor pressed further to get his perspective on the matter. He responded cryptically: "My perspective isn't important—what matters is the victim's point of view: 'vulnerability.'"

That opens up a new site——that shows a nice family photo of the Parker family (posted above). Note young Peter's left hand in this image. Aww!

But that's not the last of the goods provided by this leg of the viral. Back on the MSHS site, there's a downloadable newsletter that provides some new info on the Lizard. A twitter user named @scaleseeker is tracking down the Lizard and suggests that interested readers in Los Angeles, NYC, Atlanta, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Austin, Tampa, Minneapolis and New Orleans stay tuned to his Twitter account Friday for more details on his for the Lizard.

And just think, there's still a little less than two months until the film hits theaters! Maybe we will catch the Lizard by then at this rate.

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