The Nat & Alex 'Fault In Our Stars' Easter Egg You Totally Missed

Maybe you were crying too hard.

Nat & Alex Wolff fans: I know you're probably bummed that none of the duo's songs made it onto the "The Fault In Our Stars" soundtrack, but did you notice that Nat (who played Isaac) managed to sneak something in there for you, anyway?

Yup, right after Monica cruelly dumps Isaac -- before his sight-obliterating surgery, no less -- Hazel walks in to find him facedown on Augustus' couch, wailing and singing. And what is he singing? None other than Nat & Alex's new single, "Rules."

It's a pretty stunning scene, really -- Nat moves from raw, emotional anguish (see couch crying) to some serious comic relief (when he starts destroying Gus' trophies like a non-green Hulk) with natural ease.

"Josh Boone wanted me to sing one of my songs on the couch when I'm crying, and we thought both our new songs, 'Last Station' and 'Rules,' were thematically consistent with the tone of the movie," Nat told MTV News.

Alex had previously told us that that song was inspired by his approach to courting girls, which is, "doing crazy things that I would normally not do, if it wasn’t for this girl," Wolff said.

Does that include egging her shiny new car after she dumps you with a cadre of cancer-afflicted pals, Alex? We think Nat knows the answer to that one...

Listen to the non-wailed version of the song below.

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