Can You Remember All 62 Brands Jay Z Has Ever Rapped About?

There's no question Jay Z likes to name drop some of his favorite designers in his lyrics, but considering he's been releasing music since 1996, are you aware of just how many brands Hov has mentioned throughout the years? Well, thanks to fashion writer Katherine Bernard, we now have a full timeline of Jay's fashion references: all laid out on one perfect T-shirt.


Jay Z Tee

According to her recently-launched Kickstarter campaign, she "went through all of Jay Z's discography in chronological order and pulled every fashion brand he mentions, then assembled them in a clean square, which all together reads like a symbolic autobiography." The result? A super dope minimalistic tee that we need to get our hands on ASAP.

Thanks to her in-depth research, we were able to count (by hand!) 62 brands that Jay Z has mentioned in his songs, but do y'all think you could recall some of his name-dropping in the actual lyrics? Take our quiz to find out if you are a Hov fashion lyric expert below! (Also, don't forget to donate to her campaign while you're at it.)