Consequence Confirms He Wrote Lyrics For Kanye West

'It is true I participated in writing with Kanye,' Cons says on Wednesday's 'RapFix Live.'

On Wednesday afternoon (May 4), former G.O.O.D. Music artist Consequence stopped by "RapFix Live" and revealed to Sway that he has written lyrics for his ex-label boss, Kanye West, and sometimes didn't receive credit for his work.

"It is true I participated in writing with Kanye. You could read it on credits on 808s and Heartbreaks, College Dropout. Every album that he's had, I've been involved from a creative aspect in writing of songs," Cons said. "Check the credits, I get that publishing."

It has been long speculated that Kanye West didn't write all of his rhymes. Chicago MC Rhymefest was credited as a writer on the Louis Vuitton Don's Grammy-Award winning single "Jesus Walks," though he didn't appear vocally on the 2004 track. On Wednesday, [article id="1635469"]Consequence[/article] shed more light and even went on to say he hasn't always gotten his proper due.

"One record that I never got credit for which always stuck out in my mind was that I helped out with some of the rhymes from 'Champion,' " Cons said of the 2007 song that appeared 'Ye's Graduation LP. The line in question: "We were sorta like Will Smith and his son/ In the movie; I ain't talkin' about the rich one." "That was my brain thought," Cons said of the rhymes. "I mean, there's a lot of joints [that were not credited]."

At the time, Consequence claims that he had no problem helping West with his writing, but when it came time to put out his sophomore album, Cons TV, Kanye didn't offer the same helping hand with regard to getting his album released. 'Ye, along with Consequence's cousin Q-Tip, were the executive producers for the unreleased LP. Part of his beef with Kanye is what he paints as the one-sided nature of his and West's relationship.

"At one point, Kanye wasn't even doing any music after [article id="1621389"]the Taylor Swift situation[/article], it's documented he went to Europe," Cons said, alluding to 'Ye's 2009 MTV VMAs outburst. "In the midst of all that, I was left hanging.

"As a man, you can't hang your fate on no other man, but when you think the man is your brother and you talk about every other single situation known to man, you would think it would dawn on somebody to say, 'Hey, let me make sure this all right, let me make sure my guy is good.' If I'm not your guy, that's fine; let's just have clarity on it."

Consequence has since severed ties with Kanye West and G.O.O.D. Music and went on to start his own company, Band Camp. Cons also told MTV News's "RapFix live" that Cons TV is now called Get Even, but before that album drops, he'll be releasing his Movies on Demand 3 mixtape in either late May or early June.

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