Taylor Lautner Discusses The Song Taylor Swift Wrote About Him

Let's all go ‘Back to December’

In case you need a reminder, America’s Sweethearts — Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift — dated for a hot minute in 2009, and their breakup is why we all can enjoy the classic Swift jam “Back to December” off of Speak Now.

During a Facebook Live stream on Monday (August 8), Lautner’s Scream Queens costars Lea Michele and John Stamos seemed to have achieved the impossible and got Lautner to open up about his past relationship with the pop star. The Taylor-on-Taylor part begins around the 9:30 mark, and Lautner blushes a record-breaking 1,927,492 times in the next three minutes.

“You dated Taylor Swift, I remember that,” Michele says — a fact that Lautner now calls “hilarious.” Because when you break up with Taylor Swift, she will almost certainly write a song about you. As Lautner says in the video, “That’s what she does.” Check out the full video below.

H/T E! News