Big Sean Says 'I Was With My Ex' When He Wrote 'I Don't F--k With You'

It sure sounds like a breakup song, though.

After dropping very little new music in 2014, Big Sean returned with a vengeance on Friday (September 12) with four new songs. One of those records was "I Don't F--k With You," a track that's both catchy and exhibits the rapper's nimble wordplay -- and also sounds a lot like a breakup song, following his broken engagement with Naya Rivera.

But Sean says he was actually in a relationship -- presumably with Naya -- when he wrote the track.

"I wasn't angry, man," the Detroit native told MTV News of the DJ Mustard, Kanye West and DJ Dahi-produced banger. "You know, the funny thing about 'I Don't F--k With You' is that I actually wrote that while I was in a relationship. I wasn't bitter. I wrote that while I was with my ex."

Still, he admits it may have taken a new form in the time since -- which makes sense, given lines like, “And everyday I wake up celebrating, sh–, why?/ ‘Cause I just dodged a bullet from a crazy bitch.”

"Then, obviously, after a few things went down, I went back and changed a couple words -- but, mainly, the song was already there," he said. "It's funny how things play out."

And the MC, newly-aligned with Roc Nation, feels like the track's content -- which touches on issues like moving on from a past relationship -- is something anyone can relate to.

"It's just real, man. I feel it's the anthem for everybody. Everybody got somebody that they feel like that about. And if you don't got somebody you feel like that [about now], you felt that way at a time in your life."

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