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Wilco, Ben Harper, Henry Rollins Help "Sessions" Launch 2000 Season

Wilco, Ben Harper, Rollins Band, and Speech have all taped live performances for the new season of the critically renowned PBS series "Sessions At West 54th," which will again be hosted by veteran songwriter and guitarist John Hiatt.

The 2000 season is scheduled to start the last weekend of January with a special one-hour segment dedicated to Grammy Award-winning tunesmith John Prine, who has influenced a whole school of American artists ranging from Tom Petty and Lucinda Williams to Freedy Johnston and Dar Williams.

February will include an episode teaming reggae progeny Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers with soulful rocker Ben Harper and his band The Innocent Criminals, and a contemporary folk "Sessions" will air featuring Wilco and Patty Griffin.

Rounding out next month's "Sessions" will be a show featuring Speech from the highly-influential rap collective Arrested Development, and Henry Rollins, who takes to the stage with a refurbished incarnation of the Rollins


For exact dates and times, be sure to check with your local PBS affiliate, as some "Sessions At West 54th" are broadcast on Saturday nights, while other stations air the episodes on the following evening.

Further down the road, fans can look forward to an appearance by Iggy Pop on the live music series in April and an episode pairing the Cranberries and Moby in May.

-- Dave Basham

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