This 'High School Musical' Star Is Really Gunning To Be In 'High School Musical 4'

It's now or never

Two months after Disney announced there would be a new batch of Wildcats starring in High School Musical 4, one Wildcat really, really wants to keep his job.

Bart Johnson, a.k.a. Zac Efron's TV dad Coach Jack Bolton, has zero chill when it comes to the High School Musical films.

He created a hilarious "audition" video of himself trying out for Coach Bolton. As he gets his head in the game in the zone, he works out to get into character, while "Now or Never" from High School Musical 3 plays in the background.

"Coach Bolton here... preparing to audition for High School Musical #4 for the role of Coach Bolton," Johnson wrote on YouTube. As he hasn't heard from "Micky" (Mouse?) as to whether or not he'll be included in the new sequel, he's decided to be the master of his own destiny by "sending in my audition along with the rest of the world on the ‘Disney Applause App' as well as posting on line."

Apparently, this video will be the first of several ~serious~ vids: "So... GETCHA HEAD IN THE GAME... don't stick to the status quo.. and like, 16 MINUTES or what ever that song was about... and lets get real. Let's make it happen and make some dream come true. So all my WILDCATS out there.. I have only one question... What team? WHAT team? WHAAAAT TEAM!!?!?!?!?"