Kim And Kanye Invited This Super Fan To Brunch — This Is Her Story

TeamKanyeDaily's Zeinab Najm takes us behind the brunch.

Brunch is awesome, but brunch with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is even better. That's what some fans experienced this weekend when Kim flew them out to stay at the Four Seasons Westlake Village (about an hour from Los Angeles). That might sound like a fantasy, sure, but it actually happened in real life.

Kim hosted the dream-come-true brunch for people who run fan accounts devoted to her and Yeezy. One of the guests, Zeinab Najm, was there reppin' TeamKanyeDaily and fighting tears of joy when Ye walked in.

"The whole room went silent," she told us about the moment Yeezus arrived. "No one knew what to do. I started crying. Then another girl started crying. I didn't expect to cry. It just happened."

The moment Kanye surprised us at Kim's birthday brunch on Saturday. A moment we'll never forget. #HBDKKW

— TeamKanyeDaily (@TeamKanyeDaily) October 26, 2015

To greet Ye, Zeinab had to tell herself to chill. "Okay, I have to control myself and I have to get up," she thought. "I don't want them to think that I'm a weirdo."

Najm -- who hails from Michigan -- did her best to stop shaking as she took photos and enjoyed an hour-long chat with Ye. "He was very talkative," she explained. "He answered everything. He was so passionate with his answers. It wasn't awkward at all...Once you got over the fact that it's him talking to you, the conversation just flows naturally."

That convo dealt with everything from fashion to music. But mostly, she and the TeamKanyeDaily staff -- which includes Marcello Carbone, Noah Williams and Maik Leenards -- just wanted to thank Yeezy for his work. Ye was as gracious as she'd hoped he'd be.

"I can't even explain how nice he was," she said. "He doesn't get that a lot from outside media. But he was so nice to us."

Zeinab Najm/TeamKanyeDaily

Zeinab Najm

After their chat, Ye took North home and bounced to the studio. Zeinab and her crew stayed behind with Kim, who somewhat surprised her.

"She knows a lot more than we think she knows," Najm explained. "She goes through all of our tweets and posts. Just because she doesn't 'like' it doesn't mean she doesn't know. She sees everything, she told us. She sees everything."

Kim took selfies with everyone, signed autographs and talked about other cool things Zeinab can't disclose because she signed an agreement. Still, she felt overwhelmed by the experience after spending the last year celebrating Yeezy (for free) for about eight hours a day through TeamKanyeDaily, which was started by Josh Chowa from London who couldn't make the trip.

"It felt like all the hard work finally paid off," Najm said. "I'm still not over it. Maybe one day. I keep replaying it in my head, over and over."

Can't blame you, Zeinab. Can't blame you.

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