Exclusive: 'DUFF' Author Will Release Two New Books... Including A Sequel

Kody Keplinger will release two new books in 2015 and 2016.

Soon enough, "DUFF" -- the Designated Ugly, Fat Friend -- will be as much a part of our everyday parlance as "Monet" (as coined by "Clueless"), MILF (thanks, "American Pie") and "Plastic" (the immortal "Mean Girls," of course).

The movie "The Duff," starring Mae Whitman as the titular character, hits theaters February 2015, and today Kody Keplinger, the author of the YA novel upon which the movie is based, announced that Scholastic would publish her next two books.

Keplinger wrote "The DUFF" during her senior year of high school, and the 18-year-old novelist saw her book reach bestseller status. On April 28, just months after the book's screen adaptation hits theaters, "Lying Out Loud," a companion novel to "The DUFF," will hit bookstore shelves. The plot follows a girl's "unintentional Catfish setup" to get with the guy she likes.

In 2016, Scholastic will release "Run," following two BFFs, one from a broken home and one who is legally blind. When their plan to run away together goes awry, the girls are bonded together by secrets and circumstances.

"I'm thrilled to be joining the Scholastic family," said Kody Keplinger. "Getting to dive back into the world of 'The DUFF' with 'Lying Out Loud' will be really fun for me and working on 'Run' will be another exciting challenge, to create another set of YA characters."

For those who just can't wait to see Whitman (Her?) portray the heroine of "The Duff" on screen, Keplinger's book is available now. Give it a read -- you may just find out that you're a DUFF yourself, and that it's not as bad as it may at first seem.

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