Is Britney Spears' 'Circus' Tour Too Sexy For Kids? Parents Weigh In

Parents' opinions are split, but most agree that raunchier material can easily be found on TV.

PITTSBURGH -- About five minutes into [artist id="501686"]Britney Spears'[/artist] [article id="1608031"]Circus concert[/article] on Friday, things got hot. After opening the show in a conservative ringmaster's coat during "Circus," Spears took it off to reveal a crystal-encrusted bustier, boy shorts and a removable corset, for her cage dance during "Piece of Me."

And that was only the beginning of a parade of sexy outfits that [article id="1608037"]delighted the crowd[/article] but had some mothers attending the show with their young kids raising their eyebrows.

Amy Dunn, mother of four, was visibly uncomfortable during the "Freakshow" portion of the concert, in which Britney bumps and grinds with her male dancers to songs like "Get Naked" and "Touch of My Hand," clad in pasties and barely there sparkly bodysuits.

"Two of the numbers, where Britney had twirly things and tassels, weren't very flattering and too much for the kids," Dunn said after the show. "It was a little R-rated for this venue."

However, Michael O'Day -- whose 7-year-old daughter wasn't at the concert -- said he thinks most of the show's racier moments would have gone over his daughter's head. "I don't think a 7, 8, or 9-year-old would get a lot of the subtleties," O'Day said, referring Britney being blindfolded by S&M-clad dancers and similar scenarios.

O'Day's wife, however, was quick to say that she wouldn't have brought their daughter to the show. "No way!" she said. "This is too adult for her."

Leslie Mossesso, who was chaperoning a group of kids in their early teens, said, "I think it was decent for the age we brought, but I wouldn't go under sixth grade. It was a little risqué, but good. I've seen worse."

Actually, a majority of the moms we spoke to agreed that there is far raunchier material to be found on the Internet and on televison. "It's purely entertainment," Amy Fields said. "It's nothing [my daughter] hasn't seen on MTV."

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