Meet 3 Artists Behind Those Miley-Tastic Ads You’ve Been Seeing For The VMAs

One of them convinced Miley to ride a giant version of her cat.

By now, you've probably seen Miley in those bright green ads for the 2015 VMAs in all of their Cyrus-laden splendor. But just when you thought they couldn't get any more Miley-esque, a few artists took it up a notch by placing her in some pretty ~wild~ situations.

From her moon-suited flight through a colorful tunnel to a dreamlike scenario involving ice cream sprinkles, here are three artists behind some of the craziest, coolest VMA ads -- plus a sneak peek of stuff they're working on for the actual show.

1. Jen Stark

Jen Stark


Artist Jen Stark is known for her extremely colorful paper sculptures that seem to bend reality. The Los Angeles-based artist meticulously hand cuts sheets of paper to make colorful wormholes. She also paints and animates acidic drips and wiggly mountains.

Stark is actually an acquaintance of Miley (#squadgoals) since they have a mutual friend, Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips.

"It was really amazing how it all came together," Stark told MTV News. "Miley is such a fun and psychedelic person, so it was the perfect fit to work with her. I wanted all the work I created to be brain-melting -- something exciting and unexpected. It was thrilling to be a part and help make the VMAs a trippy and colorful experience."

Check out some of her psychedelic work below.

Sneak peek art!

This actually will be used during the show. How? Who knows, but we know it'll be insanely neat.

2. St. Francis Elevator Ride

St. Francis Elevator Ride


Artist St. Francis Elevator Ride has a kick-ass name. St. Francis Elevator Ride (legal name: Josh Breeden) is known for his meshing of vintage colors and imagery with new technology and dreamlike sensibilities. Ads from the 1950s take a wild and crazy turn into our modern times for the Memphis-based artist.

"I just hope people encountering my ads enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed making them," Elevator Ride told MTV News in an email. "What I enjoyed most about working on this is the amount of creative freedom I was given ... being told by MTV, 'We love what you do, so go crazy,' was incredibly refreshing."

Take a look at some of his sublimely strange work below.

St. Francis Elevator Ride


St. Francis Elevator Ride


St. Francis Elevator Ride


3. Reed and Rader

We have animators Reed and Rader to thank, as they're the ones who filmed the pop wonder in the flesh. The LA-based duo has worked with many clients, from fashion brands to popular magazines, but when they first found out they were going to be working with Miley, they were pumped because they knew she would be "pretty much up for whatever." (See Miley riding her cat for proof.)

"Her sort of aesthetic and style really fits with ours and it was really playful and lighthearted," Matthew Rader told MTV News in a phone call. "We pitched some pretty crazy ideas, most of which ended up happening. 'Miley, you want to ride your giant cat?' 'Alright, let's do it!'"

Rader also described the pairing of Miley and Reed and Rader's art as a "perfect match," which is apparent when you peep at their Miley-centric work below, including a sneak peek of something they're working on for the show on Sunday.

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